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Avoca Rocks


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Headed to Avoca Friday arvo to wet a line and bumped into local, Ray R.

By this stage I had lost about $15 bucks worth of tackle and was getting rather frustrated.

I pulled in a small cod but nothing for the table.


Got to talking with Ray and after a few tips on a paternoster rig with running sinker, and my casting technique was hoiking it out there past the rocky bottom to the sandy bottom.

Minutes later Ray's rod bows and a small ray (not the human variety) was hooked and kindly released.

I must say that it's great to finally meet Ray. What a top bloke. Thanks for the pointers mate.



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You are one lucky Fishraider, Peter! Yep, Ray is a top bloke ...... maybe we should have a mini social down there some time ....... after I get back from up north! I'd love to spend some time down there fishing, even give the yak a try in that lovely bay there, flicking at the boats!

You'll have learned some valuable 'local tips' from Ray - hope it is not too long before you get into some good fish.



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G'day Peter, was good to meet you and I'm sure we will have many more rock sorties in the future.

I am glad you found the tips useful and appreciate the kind words, I am known to have the odd chat and over the years have found a lot of helpful fisho's willing to give me ideas , tips and tricks, I guess now I am like one of those old blokes that I use to bombard with questions when I was a youngin' ..

Anyway Pete, I'm glad I was of some help to you, I even knew the guy building his new rod for him..


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Yep RayR is a top bloke. Although he was too chicken to brave the elements with me last night. Ray, I didn't catch anything with your squid although I caught and later released the biggest taylor I have ever seen. I reckon it would have been in excess of 60cm. It took your whole squid.

I must say Ray is a great mate of mine and is very honest and helpful but don't get between him and a good feed.

Regards, Hutcho

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