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Fave Species


what is your fave species to chase  

60 members have voted

  1. 1. what is your fave species to chase

    • Bream
    • Bass
    • barra
    • perch
    • Pelagics (generalized, feel free to specify)
    • Bill Fish
    • Trout
    • Cod
    • Snapper
    • other - once again feel free to specify

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Do you have tabs on your self Soff :risata: . I have only been full on fishing everyweekend for about 4 years and i havent even caught a Bream on an SP and i have only caught a lone Flatty by casting with HB. But give me another four years and it should be right....... I hope :1badmood:

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Bass in small creek systems with 1kg line :thumbup::thumbup:

or bream because they fight just as hard and more of them around..

Jews are allways in the back of my mind though..lol

soo yeah i cant say i have one fav species really lol

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I picked trout. :biggrin2:

I still enjoy trouting better than other forms of angling but only for the reason that it involves camping and fresh water.

Gotta love not having that crusty feel all over everything. :thumbup:



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have to be yellowfin tuna for me.

ive been connected to some huge ones, but they manage to get away.

they fight deep and down right dirty. and they are just balls of muscle.

marlin comes a very close 2nd

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I voted for bass,i love the way they hit those surface lures(also one of the only fish i have managed to catch regularly on lures.)the other reason is i love the country they are found in.we have a healthy bass population in the campbelltown area,if you are prepared to hike and know where to look....

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  • 14 years later...

I’d have to go with other, I have the most fun with light gear off the beach, day or night, on the good old Australian salmon, great sporting fish on light gear on any beach with any swell. And now I prep them right they have become the families favourite table fish second the the flathead tail! 

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