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North Entrance Beach..


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hey raiders,

woke up today, gt bored n thought id go for a bash off th beach for some bream..

well, after i got everything sorted.. went to freddys n talked to jacko for a bit, it was 2..

so i thought id go for a squid n fish into th evening for a jew..

after squidding for a hr or so with my mate walsh, and gettin nothing. we decided to hit th beach, armed with 13 arrow squid my brother in law was bringing that he prepared earlier..


we got to th beach, set up, got th lines in th water..

n waited

n waited

n checked bait..

n nothing


n held th rod this time.

th ammount of pickers was crazyy..


we are waiting,

putting fresh bait on every 2 mintutes..

and nothing..

we decided to give it in n head home..

when i got what felt likce a nice hit..

i struck, and thought i was on...


it was a crab..

it was time to pack up..


got a chance to get my new seajigger 325 out for a lash..

and does it cast! :thumbup:

also took my camera that i got for my 21st..

no fish but took some pics of th sunset..

still had an alrite arvo/night

better thn bein infront of th idiot box..



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