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Bait Fish Frenzy


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Hi raiders,

I went out late in the morning yesterday to fish the low tide for bait.

Armed with a bag of putrid servo pillies i got to my spot and rigged up some bait jigs.

Not much on the sounder until just before low tide when all hell broke loose.

The sounder was showing for the next few hours massive schools of bait fish coming through.

I managed to catch slimmies, yakkas by the truckload both big and small, huge herrings and even bream.

Through back a 30cm snapper and a 62cm fat rat king. Got busted off a few times as well.

Also scored another nice sized tailor and several trevors.

The sounder was like watching TV. You could see the kingies on top of the schools swimming up and down.

They would come up to my bait take it or most times have a look and move away.

Got a great selection of beach slab bait now so i might hit the northern beaches this week arvo/evening on the quest for a 10kg plus.

All i need to get now is some squid. Water temp in MH is dropping off sitting at about 19.4C

Cheers all.

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hey mate, sounds like some exciting action there. if you dont mind me asking where abouts were you?

Sure mate i was near the Spit Bridge in deep water. I think most of the deep water in that area either side of the bridge is good. Get out of the strong current.


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