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Broke My Cherry

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sitting around the house doing nothing i decided to head down to Dolls point with my lure box and one rod to have a bit of practice with SP's.

flicking with the wind i was getting pretty good distance off the rock wall but despite trying different weight heads, every SP in my box and different retrieve speeds i couldnt raise a hit.

I decided to switch to HB's and slices that i had and after trying a few different ones finally raised a fish.

using a pink/black deep diver on a slow retrieve i got slammed by a nice energetic 50cm lizard.



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Guest Jocool

:thumbup: Was that using the Tld 20 and the backbone rod you won? :risata::risata:

Good going mate. Like everyone keeps saying, it only gets easier from here. Not because your an expert, but you have just boosted your confidence level exponentialy! :thumbup:

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