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First Timer Success


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Hey all,

never been fishing for jewfish before but we went out fishing last night headed out from oatley boat ramp at 6pm got the boat to tom uglys shortly after anchored up put a few rods out one with fresh squid one with a slimey strip and one with with a live yakka and i had my little baitcaster out with a peeled prawn on it just trying to catch some more livies time passed by and not even a bite then my baitcaster went off just thought it was a very nice size bream when it was coming to the side of the boat then realised i had just caught my first jewfish it measured 42cm i was stoked to say the least first time out and i caught one after that it was quiet still tried a few other spots and then decided to head home to a warm bed hopefully next time its gonna be alot bigger but for a first one im still stoked

sorry no photos but with all the rush to get out the door forgot the digital

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