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Beautiful Day On The Hacking


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Planned a trip to Port Hacking last night at the last min. Made some burley. The weather was PERFECT ! Hardly any wind and the sun was out, But it wasnt to hot, & Not many boats out.

Out to jibbion first, First drop and dads on to a just legal flattie 33cms. Then my dad caught a few snapper the biggest 29cm, Just cant seem to crack that legal one yet. Anyway i put out a small rod with a bit of bait on it and caught 5 Smiley Mackerel and 2 Yakkas. We cut them up for bait ( Had 1 Smiley and 1 Yakka left at the end of the day !! ).. Me and my uncle still havent caught anything and dad keep getting undersized flatties.

So we moved to around to jibbion bombie and dad got more undersized snapper and so did my uncle, But me ... NOTTING, But then i shut everyone up when i hooked a nice sized Trevally 38 cms !! After about 20 more mins we kept catching bloody sweap. & My uncle caught a nice sized Rock Cod but we threw it back in cause we dont like eating them. We headed to jibbion near the beach cause i wanted to try to get my first ever squid .. & i did .. a nice one too !!



Anyway after that we pretty much just tryed inside the hacking with squid jigs, deep divers, and bait for a few more litte undersized flatties but no more squid ..

But one of the best days ive had on the water in a long time and was a great day .. Squid Rings tomorrow .. Yumm !





ALSO got a new bait board .. Pretty cool with the rod holders .. hehe wont lose this one


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