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Broken Bay Chasing Flatties

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, went for a quick squid hunt around lunchtime today, manage only one off the rocks at Avoca but he was a big one, aquick intro between Mercer007 and Hutcho1, then we were off to Broken bay in Hutchos Boat for a fish.

We went to a nice area opposite Juno point and found a great flattie spot ,it had sandy bits a few weedy covered rocky parts and some nice drop off parts, we managed about 15 between us Hutcho scored 2 nice models and got a nice one as well , all the others were smallish and were returned.

Just before dark we decided to give the jews another go so the darted over to Juno Point, found our mark and anchored up. We disected that big squid I caught earlier and dropped over a couple of rigs hoping for a jew , everything seemed okay except for the non showing of the jews, good rigs good gear perfect fresh squid . After a couple of hours we up anchored and headed to the Rip, again we sat there for another hour with nothing to show for our efforts so we headed back to the ramp .

So all up it was a great arvo / evening to be out we ended up with a few nice flatties and some nice pics as well..








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Nice flaties there mate.

My mate is there tonight at Juno hoping for a jewie.

But it was nicer to be on the water today if I wasnt working.

Yeah there were a few more boats out there, maybe he was one of them..


Nice flatties RayR :1yikes:

What did they measure, didn't end up getting out yesterday otherwise i would of seen you out there.

Looks like you had a good day.

G'day, the flatties we kept were approx, 40, 45 and 50cm's , all the others under 40cm's were released..


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Hey Mondo,

Tried Kazza's beer batter deep fried with lemon and chips for mothers day.

Very nice boneless fillets!!!

I reckon we keep hittin the flatties till the the Hawkesbury freezes over. Bugger those elusive Mulloway.

Regards, Hutcho

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nice catch ray, sounds like you were around hungry beach somewhere, not a bad area at times.

Where all the lizards on SPs? bad luck about the jew, you can sometimes be vey well prepared, fish the good tides at the right time of day with fresh bait for zilch and the guy next to you catches one on a smelly pillie!! I guess thats why they are so frustrating.

What colour is the river water? it was very dirty at wisemans ferry last week, just wondering if it has made its way to the mouth yet?


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