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Kingie At Night


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Hi Raiders,

This is my first post so here goes.

Went in the harbour Sunday night, arrived at the boat ramp at 7:00pm with two mates, Enzo & Phil and headed out to spot X. At 8:45pm Phil pulls up a nice snapper then i pull up a bream then Enzo's little bream outfit pulls up a nice 62cm Kingie which was put back to fight another day, or should i say night. Kingie at night!!! I didn't think you could catch kingies at night??? By the end of the night we ended up with 1 snapper, 1 flattie, 1 talor and 3 bream. :thumbup:



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I have always wondered where the kings go at night?

Do we have anyone who can vouch if they feed at night - what happens to them - or do we just not really fish for them at night specifically?

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Over in NZ they catch monster kings at night.

And Ive seen some massive kings caught way way down deep - and it must be dark down there.

There a number of FR posts a while ago (from Rzee I think) where he caught heaps of kings reeeeeally early.

So Im not so sure that Kingies are a day time only proposition.


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:1welcomeani: to Fr mate, that's a good evenings fishing, a nice mixture of fish, congrats on your first report and keep them coming along with the pics, Good onya.. :thumbup:


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:1welcomeani: to the forum!

Nice evening king there Dazza. Last Sat I hooked up a 60cm rat on pilchard cube and 10lb gear near Wedding Cake at about 8pm, catching it on light gear is satisfying. Small Kingies seem to hang around structure after dark.

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:1welcomeani: to the forum..

Great post.

On the subject of kingies, I got my first one today, quite unexpectedly on my 2.5 kg gear whilst fishing for whiting on Bloodworm?? :biggrin2:

Gave my gear a good workout :1yikes:

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