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Low Tide, Early Morning Pays Dividends


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out on the lake by 6.00am thismorning (lake macquarie) quick glance at the watch shows low tide had just past, a mates been catching quite a few bream and flatties on white bait bought from the shop so i thought ide give it a go, 3rd cast with me technicolour yawn squidgie and i pull in a nice 60cm flatty :yahoo: . 2nd drift and as im about to move i go to wind in my whitebait and its snaged :mad3: or so i thought till the ground started takeing line off me :1yikes: was drifting into the shore so 1 hand starting boat and motoring out and the other hand high sticking a very energetic large flatty, finaly got it to the boat and after 3 near fatal net attempts (on my own) i finally steer its big head into the net for my new pb of 78cm. i think my old pb was 68cm so i smashed that. :thumbup: ps it didnt even fit in me esky. :biggrinthumb:post-7811-1242110883_thumb.jpg



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That's two good flatties you've got there Diver1!

You really smashed your pb! :thumbup: Well done!

My pb has been 69cm for about 5 years. If you keep catching the big ones I'll never get a chance to improve!!! Stop fishing now! :074:

Excellent report.



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