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Georges River

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Hi Raiders,

Just a quick report from last Saturday on the Georges. Weather was great but fishing slow with a few undersize whiting caught. Did manage a nice pair of flatties for the mate to keep as he ended the day with zip. Should feed his :wife: and littlies. Caught on 1/8oz jig head on 2" prawn in nuclear chicken.

Parts of the river was noticeably polluted with all sorts of artefacts floating on the surface – really had to focus to avoid them or risk damage to the boat. :thumbdown:

Water police cruised past at one stage and nabbed three jet skiers speeding through an 8-knot zone :busted_cop: . Next bend in the river I had to pull out some James Bond manoeuvres to avoid three speed boats coming the other way…whoaaa...those things can really move. :flying:

With the colder weather approaching it appears that the fish are starting to go off the bite a bit in the estuary (for me anyway). Might be time to try my hand at the dark art of black fishing! :ph34r:





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Hi Cam, nice lizards mate, I've never tried those little placcies , might have to get a pack or two.

Congrats Cam and 10 points for your manouvering skills...


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