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Parra River


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hello fello raiders, just sending a posgt to say gday and thanks to everyone with the awesome posts, its been good reading. just quickly has anyone got any pointers for fishing the good old parra river. tried a few spots with not much luck at all. thanks guys will be good here about your fishing adventours. cheers Gary

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This has come up many a time and when I received my licence renual it stated that all fish caught on the western side of the harbour bridge is no good.

However how do one know that the fish just caught on the eastern side did not just come from the west and is on his way for a cruise and vise versa.

Having said that I reckon it is up to the individual to decide as I tend to make a happy medium zone within the harbour bridge area and try not to drift too far up towards the Parramatta river itself.

I kick myself when I see reports of monsters being caught but I guess it is my decision not to fish the river so I have to live with it.

Lately I have been trying closer to the bridge because the 2.5 to 3 hour round trips are more hard to do as my :wife: is working now and time is no longer FREE! :mad3:

Anyway that it my 5cents worth.

Cheers Clem

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thanks for the info guys.. had abit of a fish last night. from 9:30 till 1130. got one 300mm bream lots of bites but not much more then that. i used pealed prawns and beach worms for bait. anyone got any better ideas??? cant wait to get out on the boat with fellow raider brickman this weekend. anyway happy fishing guys Gary.

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