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Marine Park Government Comments To My Email


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see my letter below I wrote to government and the political answer i got back...Hi,

I would just like to know why you would want to stop people fishing,If its for the environment then stop anyone entering the zone full stop.

You want support from people who have no interests in fishing in order to gain a vote.

I would have thought banning trawlers would have more value than the poor fisherman, who probably don't even catch the amount in a life time what a trawler takes in a year.

What has happened to the government supporting the battler, it seems to be a selfish act that which the government can get in return all the time (eg a vote).

Not to mention the direct and indirect costs associated and revenue raised through employment in these industries which I would have thought was a high priority especially with hard economic times ahead.

I wait your response

Mark Riddell

Dear Mr Riddell Thank you for your email regarding the National Parks Association’s (NPA) report, The Torn Blue Fringe. The National Parks Association is a non-government organisation and its report has generated significant community debate. It is important to note that the NSW Government has not accepted the recommendations in the NPA report. The report has been referred to the Marine Parks Authority for analysis and advice. The NSW Government has a strong commitment to consulting and working with communities to achieve improvements in marine conservation. Marine parks are an important strategy in this conservation approach and we now have six marine parks covering approximately 345 000 hectares (or one third) of NSW waters to help do this. At the same time, the NSW Government also recognises that there are other ways to protect our precious marine environment. For example, the coastal area between Newcastle and Shellharbour already contains 10 aquatic reserves and 17 National Parks and nature reserves that include marine habitats. I also want to clarify the inaccurate claim that total fishing bans apply in the State’s marine parks. The simple fact is that between 72.5% and 88% of marine park areas remain available for fishing. The NSW Government’s present priorities are to complete reviews of the zoning plans for two parks – Solitary Islands and Jervis Bay. These reviews are undergoing active public consultation to ensure they continue to meet their objectives and continue to balance the interests of park users and conservation. While the NSW Government has indicated that it has no plans for additional marine parks at this time, we will ensure that our existing marine parks continue to protect marine biodiversity and provide opportunities for sustainable use and enjoyment. Thank you for raising your concerns with me. I trust this information is of assistance. Yours sincerely Carmel Tebbutt MP Deputy Premier Minister for Climate Change and the Environment Minister for Commerce


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