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Great Day Out Down The Coast


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hey guys, first post..

went out down the coast out kiama in my 385 quinrex explorer, was nice and sloppy for me and another mate of mine. got to my first spot in which i was only guessing by lad marks

(makes things hard with no electronics) and what i thought was a nice little reef was actually a flathead ground in which we proceeded to catch just under sized flatties bringing two up at a time, we had a limited bait supply so i threw out a bait jig and hooked up to 3 very large slimies which are great fun on a small whiting rod, with fesh bait on board, i wanted to get ontop of this reef i knew of. 2nd time lucky for nothing.. 3rd time the charm, bang!! straight into it, brought up a 46cm Snapper first drop, bang! my mate hooks 2 sweep first drop, from then on we couldnt get our rods in quick enough, way too many slimies though, we use them in crab traps so brought a few home. for only 2hrs of fishing it was good fun, nothing too special, got a really good flathead and a couple of decent snapper, all in all a great mixed bag, for a great day doing what we love best.



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The red are nannygai. beautiful pan fried just in flour, only small but a great taste.

and the black ones are sweep, which some say are not that great eating but , shallow fan fried they are great also, usually filleted

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Mate great haul.

I am amazed you managed to get those in these winds. I thought the westerly shuts em down.. Maybe I should have gotten out there today :(

Anyhow great report and welcome to the site


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