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Sat 9th Harbour


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Hi All

Had a nice fish last saturday concidering the amount of gear lost to those pesky leather jackets they were every where i hope they bugger off from where they came soon, not did they just steal rigs but also my live squid which i got up extra early for any ways.

I hit the harbour at about 430am and by 530 i had 12 squid in the tank all caught on pink yo-zuris. By 7am all the squid had been used for only 1 undersize king so it was back to using last weeks frozen squid which produced 3 big banjo sharks although at the time i thought it could be a nice lizard but this was not to be until latter with 2 little flatties on board by the end of the day the tally was

2 sanpper

2 flathead

3 banjos

1 king

1 octopus

and about 30 jackets :thumbdown:








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