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Jervis Bay?


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hey fellas headin down jervis bay next week for a bit of a spin and live baiting off the rocks there? anyone got any advice on wat to fish for or wat to expect? like if theres still kings around or tuna ?

thanks heaps in advance


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went there abt 4 weeks back and did ok for kings near pt perp, but watch out for the mp boundary and also the bombing range. we were in a boat and we got chased away by serious looking guys with guns etc, dressed in black, in a big rubber ducky that looked like it cud do 100 knots....

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I think he is only from the rocks Robeebee, which rules out Middle ground.....which Rocks are you fishing from b4nd1t?

There are some BIG kings lurking around at the moment, and if you send out a live frigate, I can assure you it will get nailed.....Live quid is also exceptional, although at times they can get mauled by pickers when fishing from the stones.

Failing them two baits, slimies will also be in abundance and a good alternative for Big Kings.

Only the odd Striped Tuna around from the stones, may be lucky for a small YFT, but very rare....

My primary target would be Kings. Hope to give it a shot from the boat shortly.

Hope this helps,


yeh plan to fish round beecroft head and maybe the tubes?? big kings sounds promising..prety geed for it now hopefully come back with sum good reports..thanks for the help

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