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Catching Large Jew Fish


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Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie to these forums and generally a rock fisherman, however my mates and i have recently been doing abit of inland harbour fishing. My Mate caught a large jew fish (approx 90-100cm) off greenwich wharf. We just catched and released it.

Just wondering whether these large species are good eating or not? i could just imagine the look on the :wife: when i ask her to go and clean it....

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Any jew over 3kg is great eating.

The bigger they are the better they taste.

Just check out the prices of them at the markets to give you an idea of how good they are.



Cheers Grant,

maybe it was probably worth while keeping it. On a good note, the fish had another day for someone to hook it up.

i would probably be sleeping on the couch again if i brought it home and left it in the sink as a suprise for the :wife: to clean and gutt

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They really start tasting good around the 12kg mark and up.

I think maybe the location of where they are caught can help/unhelp the taste, i have caught a fair few from the Parra River around the 5kg mark and they tasted like mud!

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