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Cg Quiet As This Am


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spent an hour and a half at CG from 6 am this morning

about half a dozen guys and extremely quiet .. from what i could see there was nothing reasonable caught ...

still there are worse places to see the sun come up ...

and i was there to see it ..

so all good

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wind not a problem

lack of fish more an issue ... :05:

Hi kiwineil I reckon the fish were down in deeper water this morning...it would more than likely fish much better in close from late in the afternoon and into the night according to tide given the early pressure of 1008 rising to a normal reading of 1016 meaning "normal fishing" according to the barometric reading as I write... After Georges feedback I received about this evening's fishing in general at this stage, it might pay to consider trying again landbased under similiar circumstances and perhaps use the rise as a guage for next time....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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