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Youngys New Hornet - Fwd Esky/tank?


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Gday all, finally after a few solid months of waitin for the perfect buy picked up a 4yo Hornet trophy 435 from the goldy a few weeks back.

Its got everything on it i'd ever want and is in perfect shape (less than 50hours on etec 40) and not a mark on it.

Just a question for anyone else who has a boat like this and uses the fwd holding tanks? I want to use the most fwd one as an esky, it has the drain plug but it just empties straight into the bottom of the hull. does anyone just let it drain out like this or has anyone pulled the floor up and put in a drain hose? and if so where did you run the hose to? I just pulled half of the floor up and it looks like i'd have to take the whole tub out of the front to do so (no big deal) just wonderng if anyones dicked around with it before?

Cheers, Youngy.

And heres a pic of the thing, and yes, i am in love.


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my mate has the 4mtre trohpy and he/we just lets the water drain into the hull because any water that gets onto the boat eventually gets there as the carpeted ply floor doesnt keep the water from the hull

just the leave the hatchs open to get some air circulating

they are a great boat,impresses the hell out of me every time were out in it

although not recomened,about 6months back we were fishing the bay in a club pointscore day when i got a call saying you boys better get out of there as the wind had come up big time,we battened everything down for the trip home from kurnel to sylvania,we got home very wet but safe that day i had a look at seabreeze for the windspeeds for the day ,kurnel 47knots was the recorded wind speed with that front

great boats

cheers arman

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