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Australia Best Tasting Fish


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Hi Raiders,

Travelled to Adelaide for work, and spent an extra day Sat visiting my folks

It was short notice, so didnt have time to organise any fishing whilst I was there

But whilst at the airport when I was leaving I wondered into the South Australian Icons store

After purchasing Fruchocs, Haighs frogs, Farmers Union Ice coffee, Fritz and Metwurst

I saw some vacuum sealed packs of King George Whiting fillets, at $24.99 for four fillets / 300gs

that worked out at $83 a kg - so I walked out as the price was ridiculous.

Then I checked my wallet and I had $25 left so I thought what the heck, I'll claim it as a "work trip meal"

Got home and fried them up with some chips....


With out a doubt the best tasting fish in Australia, and well worth the price tag :)

( And I've tried just about every fish that swims either caught or bought)

Although Adelaide has crap sportfishing, sitting on the one drop and catching Snapper, squid, King george whiting, garfish and blue swimmers taking them home and cooking up your own seafood basket is one thing i really do miss.....

Wouldnt swap it for the Sydney Harbour kings though... so accessible and so tasty

and there always somewhere you can fish in the harbour, regardless of the weather

Unlike St Vincents Gulf off Adelaide , which is blown out just about every summer day after 11am


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King George Whiting is one of the most highly regarded table fish in the restaurant industry, and it commands the same price. We can get it for about $40-50/K fillet weight wholesale, depending on the time of year.

It is a VERY good eating fish but I would never buy it for home, will happily "taste" it at work though :1prop:

We are getting some very good Silver Dory at the moment, really nice chunky fish, so if you see some at the shops give it a go, about half the price of John Dory!

Or you could get out and try and catch some, will always taste better when you catch it yourself :1fishing1:


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I remember a fishing trip with my dad when i was 12 we went to st vincents gulf at one of our cousins holiday shaks we went fishing out on the boat and caught just under 20 legal king george whiting in a day we ate them for days and never got sick of them best tasting fish ive ever had

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