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Still Heading North! Currently At Kingaroy


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Hi Guys

Just had a terrific 3 days at Somerset Dam with some yakking buddies ..... superb weather, but not a lot of fish landed - one bloke got a terrific 45cm bass & another got a yella ...... altho I did catch a fresh water turtle on a blade!!! Another PB!! THen on Sun another guy went to Pelican Point & hooked about 9 bass ..... only 3 were legal tho. I had gone the other way, dammit!! :mad3: Can't load pics here, so will have to do so at a later date! THen it started raining the night before we packed up! :ranting2:

After leaving Grant & the Tweed, I met up with another buddy & we fished the Brunswick River (and my favourite coloured lure caught bream there ..... tho small) & then headed up to Maroocydore for a few days & caught some great flatties (2 x 50cm & 1 x 45cm) in the Maroochy River (met up with a fellow yakker there too) & are now at Kingaroy staying with friends, before heading north on the inland route, hopefully via some bass dams & maybe barra too ..... tho none of my rods have line that is heavier than 20lb!! :( So may be wishful thinking!! May just use Squidgies so I don't lose a $20 + lure!

Was hoping to fish Boondooma next, but it Rained all night here & still pretty dismal today. The weather map shows horrible weather on the coast & here for the rest of this week - so we will be heading inland & up to Emerald way etc (hopefully stay at Fairburn Dam ..... not sure where it is tho yet! Just heard about it last week!) Any other dams that you know of on the inland route, let me know?! We usually spend about 3 nights at any spot that we stay, to justify setting up the whole camp!

Currently all our camping gear is a bit wet ...... hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow so we can dry it out before heading off! Keep your fingers crossed that the rain stops (our friends here are ecstatic tho, as they need it!!! )

CHeerio for now, till next time, tight lines!!


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Sounds like a great trip Roberta despite the weather.

I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

Continue having a good trip and catch plenty of fish. Safe travelling too.



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Have a great trip Roberta...I hope you keep on travelling into blue skies and sunshine and catch plenty of fish on squidgies and a few bigger ones on witchity grubs which you'll now doubt pluck out under an old spider ridden log after you chase the taipans away...


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi all

After Somerset we went up to Cania Dam & I got into some terrific bass there on spinner blades & atomic grubs! Got 8 one day (to 43cm) and just the one both other days (also 43cm ........ maybe the same fish???) Nah!! Met up with a great young bloke who took me & my yak to the dam each day (along with his) so I gave him some poppers & the blade/atomic & he caught his first 6 bass (to 45cm :1yikes: ) He was stoked. he got 3 every day after that & is still there, terrorising them now!!!

Then we headed towards Fairbairn dam near Emerald (just left there today.) Had a day in the yak for bites but no hookups - huge redclaw tho! Must get a couple of nets! Fished from the shore yesterday afternoon using the 'guts & ugly bits' from the cooked red claw & got into some black bream, a turtle & 2 30cm+ Barcoo Grunters! One busted me off & I managed to land the other one (I thought they were 'clean' yellas) & took one back to camp, only to be told they are horrible eating!! Shame!!! Oh yeah - I think I also caught the smallest barra on record!! Either the fingerlings they put in are tiny, or they are breeding in the lake! It is a huge lake - about 45km long with 270k of shoreline!! Will up load the pics when I have a chance. None of the campsites have had internet access! Darn! :mad3:

Heading to the gem fields today, then back up to the coast via Charters towers, to meet up with our buddies at Tully Heads! Luckily Ian enjoys fishing & I hope to get a barra with him!!!

Cheerio for now


Beautiful sunny weather up here & has been since leavinng Kingaroy! I can fully understand why everyone heads north for the winter!!

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