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Old Fibreglass Rod

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, I need some help in knowing the origins of this old stick, it's one of my dear departed Dad's old rods, one of the few items I still have of his.

Anyway I'm thinking this old rod could be somewhere around 40years old at a guess, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with my queries, I did notice that the word 'Fibregalss' is spelt with one ' l '

Anyway I hope someone can help me out here..






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hi ray

luderick angler will know about the sportex 526 at a guess i think it would a very good blackie rod because the 663 was a top rod

peter :1fishing1:

damn right i know that rod i got my dear departed fathers 663 and 504, Ray, sportex in their day were the most respected rod and still are by those in the know your father was a wise man if looked after it will last another 50 years my fathers 663 turns 50 next year he got it from chapmans where Ron Calcutt worked.

The blanks were made in west Germany and are still made these days as graphite blanks still a very respected company many people would kill to get that rod and many a angler would rather give you his left arm than his sportex particuarly a blackie fisho with a good 662, 663 0r 3902

Ray i recommend re doing the rod with new guides and gudebrod thread marron on black unders is a traditional wrap and looks great also give the blank a full epoxy wash ie: diluted epoxy wiped on with a sponge and hung upright by the tip this will seal the glass weave again.

the 526 was a medium action rod for bream trevally and light spin great action.

Ray don't put it away unless you want to use it and enjoy a very traditional rod wit ha great action.

Ray i am a sportex collector and at last count had over 12 of varying models all of which i use i was brought up using Sportex my first was a 268 1o foot blackie rod was like a spaghetti stick!

if you want any other advice let me know

By the way also had an accident went i saw those pics magic stuff!


LA :beersmile:

Other great rods of the same ilk and era that come to mind are butterworth grizzly lamiglas conlon silaflex and slazenger!

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Hey - luderick -angler

My Dad bought me a Silaflex blank which we made together as a 12 foot Surf rod 38years ago (bought from Authur Chapmans at Rockdale - think it was one of the Bethune ? family that sold us the blank at the time).

Was the 1st rod I ever anything to do with making. It was a new tech build for Dad as he was a split cane man.

Still got it, and still love using it for the odd beach fish - has had a rebind but still got the early Fuji orange & white line guides & chrome winch mount (got to love the early 70's chrome it was everywhere) .

It feels light even by todays standards for a rod of its size. At the time it was built, it was fantastic when compared to the shop bought solid glass beach rods that were around.

Apologies Ray R if you are trying to get some info from this post, just wondering down nostalgia road. :074:


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