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Parra Saturday Arvo

David C

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Hi all

got bored on saturday and decided to go out for a late flick on the parra

got to silverwater ramp at 2:30pm took of up the river first stop at the crane wharf and spent a good hour there got a lot of bream there but alot were undersize the tide was coming up and as the rivercats went buy i flicked a sx40 right up near the rocks and nilly every time wham got one or to just legal .. went up a bit and pulled into the ferry port at homebush only two small flatehead using pumkin seed grub then went to the medowbank bridge spent the most of the time there sitting in the eddy of the bridge and casting along the pylon with the grub still again alot of small fish there ..managed a few bigger ones biggest going 30cm they were all up the top just fished it about 2 to 3 foot down and they were all over it ..lost two fish wernt that big line just got court on the pylon.. well the wind picked up buy then and it was getting late and headed for home but must have boated about 20 bream .. acouple of pics of the bigger ones

Cheers David C




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