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Planning A Trip Outside


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hi guys planning a fish outside with couple of mates in my old mans boat and have been reading up on the fad markers just wondering if i was better off goin up towards harbour way or down south which has seemed to be most productive around this time of the year??

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finaly have made some plans to go out to port hacking fad this weeknd with couple mates and with some lures livies and some fresh squid caught this week should do the trick if anything is around, testing out the boat on its first deep sea trip since its rebuild which is fully equipt with latest safety gear and gps ect. has been to the harbour and back from port hacking no with worries but hasnt been used to fish outside yet so keen to break it in hope fully with some good results :thumbup:

if any guys are heading out i'll be in a 25ft swift craft half cabin with a orange hull can come say hello :1fishing1:

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