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1st And 2nd Jewie Ever

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Hey guys,

My name is Brett, Kingslayers fishing buddy. Promised I would not post till I caught a jewie which has been over a year now since I first started trying.

Woke up at 2 this morning and hit the beach for the 4am high. Got down there and it was blowing a 20 knot nor easter and raining. Contemplated going straight back home but I was wide awake and I wanted a jew. My first cast ended up 50m down the beach so I tied on a grapnel sinker and a big squid head and launched it into the gutter. It was in the water for no more than 2 minutes before i was hit. Washed him up to see my first ever jewie. He was about 60cm . As promised I released my first jew out of respect . No photos of him as the Pacific ocean is the proud owner of my new digital camera , half my tackle and kingslayers rod after a session on the rocks.

By 4.30 the weather was getting pretty foul and I was about to call it a morn when I was hit again. Washed him up and it was jewie no.2 .This one was 58 cm .Took him to my sisters place to get a pic and to slap my nephew with him for mocking me each time I came home without a jew.

Both were caught right on the turn of high on squid left over from sundays mission on the harbour. One of the few that didnt get destroyed by leather jacket.



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Congrats on your 1st & 2nd jewie Brett! :thumbup:

Nice reward for effort for getting up early in the ugly weather.

It's a bit strange that there are still schoolies off the sand atm. Usually at this time of year you get a better class of fish.

A big one is just around the corner for you mate.

:1welcomeani: to Fishraider as well.



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:1welcomeani: Hi Brett / the calamari kid aka Dave/King Slayers mate ..nice work going out so early and getting a couple of jew off the beach...good timing in the weather change mate and it proves once again that squid bait is an attractive take for jewfish and is a must to have in the bait mix....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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As I said to you already, well done my friend.

and folks, this man has put a lot of time effort and thought into this capture, it is more than well deserved.

Good to see you finally posting too!

Wish I was there for the jumping and the man hugging and the woohoo's. :yahoo:

Lets go get some more..........


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Congrats mate well done. I like the fact you released your first one too. I plan on doing that one day when I get my 1st. Wish more people would catch and release, might make our lives a bit easier.


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congrats on your first jew ther be more jewfish to come . i been trying for beach jew for a long time i havent caught one yet on the beach .any wy which beach u caught the jew? thanks bangus :1fishing1:

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