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Building A Fly Rod


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Hi Raiders,

I am building a fly rod, just after your thoughts on one particular aspect of it. It's a three piece 8 weight G-loomis blank (that cost me a bomb i might add). I've got the butt, reel seat and grip glued in place. What is my next step? Do i wrap the guides on or do i wrap the male and female joints? To me it doesn't matter, but if i wrap the guides it means when i put the end into my chuck and tighten it, that part of the rod will not be protected and i don't want stuff that up.

Thoughts or suggestions please!


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It doesn't really matter.. if you wish to protect the end of your blank section, wrap some masking tape around the blank before you place it in the chuck. Don't over tighten the chuck or you will compress the blank and it may crack.

Good wraps!!

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Easy shape some dowel to size insert as if it were the blank and tape over the dowel and blank to secure tighten the chuck around the dowel! I have built a lot of rods from cane to glass andeven a Sherman tank aerial! Made a great luderick rod! There are numerous ways to do this but always remeber don;t force something if it wont fit!

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