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Wild Seas (new Pics From Today) Lashing The Rocks

Ray R

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G'day Raiders, went around the rocks at Avoca sarvo , mate she is filthy, very angry and wild. :angry:

Took a couple from a high vantage point and a few up close and personal ones..









A few more pics , lake opening at Avoca Lagoon, this will fire the fishing up,

and a couple of shots from early this morning, the sun found a small opening

in the clouds, the sunrays made an ' A ' shape, this made an interesting shot..






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Hi Ray

Nice Photos

Got tomorrow of but fishing will be out of the question all weekend

do you know what's happening with the water temp.

Hi Anthony, still pretty warmish , it was running around my ankles today and it still isn't cold, around 21 degrees..


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awesome photo,s ray, looks like i wont be drummer fishing till that calms down :ranting2: i got a garbage bag full of bread here 4 burley to, fridge freezers are full!! gota get meself a chest freezer.

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Nice pics :thumbup: Going to be 3m+ in sydney 2morro

:dito: Top pics Ray .... there's more wild stuff to come from the north by the look of it A.dawg but it might be short lived I think....Bet Ray can't wait to do a session at South Avoca as soon as the seas settle.... After all the rain and disturbance there should be some good fish in close on all the beaches.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Great shots!!!!! Good to see "Pickets Rock" High& low "Muggs Rock" & The "Yakka Hole" all getting a good clean out............

Central Coast "Raiders" should look at some rough weather spots like: the southern end of Forresters Beach

Putty Beach at Killcare always a chance of a big Jewfish there in big seas & dirty water. The Haven at Terrigal. Blue Bay in the northern corner,always good for Bream,Pigs& Blackfish in a big blow.

Most of the Central Coasts coastel rock pools like Avoca,Norah Head (near the boat ramp) fill up full of good Bream& Blackfish on the top of the tide,combined with a big sea&strong winds.

Raiders be prepared to look "outside the square"

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You always seem to be in the right place at the right time Ray. The ocean looks really angry, but those shots of the sun through the clouds are a once in a lifetime thing.

Keep em coming mate, as we really enjoy these.


Mrs Flightmanager

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