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First Brissy Waters Jews

Guest hottuna

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Guest hottuna

Spent sat evening soaking jew baits in brissy waters. Was rewarded on sundown with my first jew in brisbane waters which went 75cm and 3.48kg, 40min later and now on dark got my second at 73cm and 3.55kg, it was a fatter fish. I was stoked.

Spent sunday night doing the same but unfortunatly no jew just lone bream and 34cm squire. and heaps on conga eels.

Can`t resize my pics


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Nice one Dan,

it is a good feeling the first time you spool off half your line and know that there is probably a Jewie on the end of it!

Once you catch one, you will want to get some bigger ones under your belt. I am still trying to get my first 10+ kilo one on board.... Maybe this weekend?


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