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Garage Sale Find


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I went garage sale hunting today and found a nice looking reel.

Its a Daiwa SS3000. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

It has a box with it that says limited edition, and their are engravings on it.



It has a nice little felt bag that the reel goes in.

Is this a good little find?

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These reels were first produced about 15 years ago, possibly longer and is Daiwa's first true long cast spinner.

They are very popular and still sought highly after in the UK, mainly used by carp fishermen.

Daiwa recently re-released this reel for their 50th anniversary however the model you have is considered a collectable.

Well done - a great find.

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Give it a service and a clean up and you might find it to be worth something.

Original second hand models of this reel are currently selling for AUD$400-500 in the UK.

Wow that is amazing, I paid $5 for it.

The reel is in pretty much new condition as it is, everything is very smooth and clean. I don't think it would need a service. It was this guys father's reel and it was just sitting in its box on a shelf unused for years.

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