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Botany Today


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Went to botany today with a friend of mine an we fished for 6-12 for a great day on the water. After all the rain i thought the water would be dirty but it was its normal colour. As soon as we got there we were into them till the tide changed at 8. It was then quite till around 10 when the tide picked up an started to move a bit faster. All in all it was a perfect day with perfect weather.

cheers raiders


Ther wer some good bream

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Just a gentle reminder folks:

Site rule 15. No criticism of legal catches and/or inappropriate imposing of C&R views in fishing reports

I have edited this post. Please be mindful of this rule



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bloody top effort to bag out like that been struggling a bit meself lately but looks like me and a mate will head out tuesday into botany on his boat what baits and what spots u get em on lend a bloke a hand hahaha dw im onl;y looking for a feed for a bbq this weekend u give me a hand ill feed em good for yah before yah get ther next

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Thats an awesome catch mate. Catches like that seem as rare as hens teeth these days.

Very nice mixed bag indeed, and if ur a big fan of eating fish well mate... Thats just awesome!

Its catches like that which make me consider going back to bait fishing sessions, but then like i said they are few and far between, and i love the "active" form or lure fishing and sometimes much better quality of fish.

Well done champ!



all fish were taken from the cockle beds situated all over the bay, most of the fish come from prawns an frozen beach worms. There is nothing better than sitting back in a chair waiting for a fish to scream your baitrunner, we threw back about 15 trevally as we had enough to feed the familys.

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