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Lake Lyell


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Hi Gang,

Hit the lake at about 8am this morning, the rain had just stopped which set us up for a great morning at the waters edge.

We fished at the usual point for the first 2 hours until the wind picked up, we did manage to pick up 4 rainbow trout up to 34cm but it was hard going as the wind played havoc with the light gear.

We then went to another bay out of the wind which we had to access from the camping ground and fished near a stormwater pipe outlet which looked very calm as the sun justed started warm us up a little, we managed 2 more rainbow trout in close around the 30cm mark after that all went quiet.

We hung around until 2ish, just before we left I lost a monster brown at my feet after a good 10 minute fight on a pink TD (the only strike on a lure all morning) at a guess this thing would of cracked 3kgs.

Anyway can't wait till things pick up in the cooler months.


Roffo :beersmile::beersmile:

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Good to see you're putting in the hard yards Pete, shame about the big brownie mate :ranting2: sound like a VERY nice fish. I'm seriously considering another trip up to LL soon when the weather cools off a bit more, might see you up there.



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Well done it sounds like you had a good time. Its as they say " it's always the fish you dont catch that bring you back "How were you fishing with bait ?

on a float or on the bottom ?

Cheers dan. :

Hi Dan,

I was fishing on the bottom with power bait, I seem to have a lot of luck catching trout at Lyell that way.

I personslly think the trick is to use ultra light gear, 4lb leader and fire line is a deadly combo on a light quiver tip rod..

I must admit that most of the good sized fish I've caught there have always been on a lure with exception of a monster brown I got last year on a worm below a bubble...

I might go back to the lake this wend as long as the winds behave..



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