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Shimano Sonora


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gday raiders

does any one have an opinion on the new shimano sonora 1500 goods or bads?

i can pick one up from the u.s for $65 au

is that a good price?

thanks cameron

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i've read up on those

their pretty good , similar to a sedona

and i woulda goten it if it was avalible in australia

but ur warrenty with shimano may not exsist coming back to aus

maybe pay the 30 extra for sedona for the warrenty

i kayak fish and i've broken the clicker 5 times on a slade

now sedona who knows

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I've got a 2500 Sedona with 4lb braid and quite like it, can't fault it.

Having said that, I don't get out fishing anywhere near as much as I'd like to so it hasn't done a heap of work.

Agree with what cjchen says about warrranty, pay the little bit extra and buy something from Australia.

Good luck with it.


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Mate i was in the US about 6 months ago and got one at a Fishing/Hunting store in Las Vegas for $50

Great little reel for money ive used it alot in the 6 months ive had it and its been good im happy with it !

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