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Fishing At 1770


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Just back from a trip to the Town of 1770. Went out on a charter with first mate and brother in law.

The charter was with Damien and I can't recommend him enough. He took us to his spots, basically isolated rocks and reefs that he fishes once a month or 2. Amazing results.

Forgot to photo the larger GT's, Cod, Red Emporer as having too much fun....The Reds went back - undersized. The Coral Trout was fantastic on the webber. I forgot to mention the YFT which we have enjoyed for a few days - fresh Sashimi..mmmm....and we've got Spannish Mack, GT and Coral Trout in the freezer now.

The best part was that first mate couldn't wait for people to bait her hook during the hot bites and did it herself....she's got no excuses now...

Anyway, a great day. A few photos of the fun we had.


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