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Squiding Botany Bay


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I went down to Botany Bay again in search of a feed of Calamari.

I could see several squid following my jigs today, but geez they

were so timid, I did manage a few but they were frustrating work

This is what I ended up with.


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Congrats on the inkers Penguin, what jigs do you use, blue and green 2.5's are usually the favs up here..


My 2.0 jig in the naural colour was the best on the day.

Are you landbased?

Would you mind sharing locations for squid in Botany Bay if you are? Its alright if you dont though :P

At the Island at Laparouse.

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I have tried Egimax and personally cannot tell whether it makes a difference. These days i'm not really putting it on my jigs and find i can still get squid, if i get no touches then i might try some of it. Its your call whether u wanna buy the stuff tho... quite expensive.

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