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Inner Harbour/parramatta River


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hey guys i have been fishing this water for about 1 month and i have really had not much luck I am land based and really cant find a good good time to fish i have tried different tides and times etc i have also been using peeled prawns for bait. would anyone be kind enough to give me a few pointers to get some more succes. i am fairly new to all this and am slowly learning cheers Gary.

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Loop Road - under burns bay road bridge

Fish the last 2 hours of the incoming tide, sunset or sunrise

can get legal flatheads and bream, only caught small whiting tho

ive caught both on unpeeled prawn and live and butterflied poddy mullet

this is where i go to flick soft plastics, but have yet to catch anything with them!

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Hi Bergo

Years ago when I use to fish the harbour with bait, live bait always outfished frozen baits hands down.

Fishing light lines and outfits increased catches as well and long traces so the bait can woft around in the current helps too. Main lines in the 2-4kg with 3kg leader would do on most things your targeting.

Small sinkers let your bait move around, covering ground lets you search the fish out.

Smaller hooks catch big and small fish so you have a better bet in catching something, size 2 and 4's work well on your bream and whitting.

Don't cast to far out, fish live near structure so the rocks your standing on could be the go. Look for things to cast to, poles, jetties, rocks and other stuff will all hold fish.

At the back of most of the bays within the harbour are sand or mud flats. Try fishing the drop off where the water turns darker and deeper. Use baits like live worms, prawns or nippers on light lines with bugger all sinker and you should get into a few.

Good luck


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thanks heaps for all the info guys.. i really appreciate it.. i dont like asking for to much because i know what people are like with there spots etc.. but im very new to this and enjoy learning.. thanks for all the info.. cheers Gary

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One place i use to go and bait fish was Cabritta Park, the good thing about this place was that you can fish 3 different areas and this helps when the wind comes up.

It also has a canteen and resturant at the marina if you need a feed while fishing, and is best fished on the top of the tide....flatties, bream and whiting are always about............for the flatties try moving the bait slowly back to you, best bait for them are pillies.

Hope this helps and good luck with the fishing...dont forget the pic's aswell. :1fishing1:

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