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Twinpower Vs Sustain


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Hi guys,

This has been driving me mad for the past while. I'm looking to upgrade my old stradic (about 8 years old...) and looking at both the Twinpower 1000FC and the Sustain 1000FE. From what I can see, the only difference is the slower gear ration on the Twinpower and the Sustain costs about $50 less.

Can anyone make heads or tails of this? I emailed Shimano, but had no luck there...


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Mate it is a bit like the Daiwa Sol and the Team Advantage, the only difference is 1 ball bearing, colour and about 30 dollars. My opinion would be the Twin Power cause I know a guy who owns one and he loves it..


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i have 3 sustains a 2000FB, a 4000FB, and a 4000FD and they are all great reels and the fb's have performed flawlessly for years. i havent useed the newer models but im sure they are just as good dispite being made in taiwan or malasia as opposed to japan

(im not sure if the jap models are better quality but i tend to stick to them)

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