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Roseville Ramp Upgrades From 1st June 09


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guys this is great news i heard and thought you would like a heads up...

not sure if its public knowledge but from a reliable source...

This is Stage 1 of the works pending ongoing finance

Just to let you all know, construction of wash down bays, landscaping and road works will begin at Davidson park boat ramp on Monday 1st June, with an expected duration of 4 weeks. Fencing will be put up around the work site with allowances for public access to the ramp. There will be some disruption to parking, particularly the car only spaces near the existing bin stands, but being a low use period this should be minimised. The boat ramp will still be available for use, with minor disruption.

At the moment it is looking like the ramp will be closed for one day only to lay asphalt. It is envisage this will be in about 2-3 weeks time. Signs will be placed on site to inform the public. there maybe an electronic variable sign placed down at Davo in the lead up to the closure but not confirmed

lets hope they get enough to add a better pontoon etc...


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Is Roseville pay parking like Bayview?


Great news on the upgrade.

Roseville ramp is within a national park so parking here is $7 / day or you can get an annual multi-park pass for $65. Bayview is run by local council.



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