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4 Hour Of Non Stop Action In The Bay - Finally!

Aqua Naut

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Headed out once again on a quick 4 hour mission to bring back a few Kingies that have been coming in close with the warm currents hanging around the coastline. The day was perfect with a slight NW/SW wind and overcast and a little rain as well :1badmood: . Headed to the middle of the bay and come across a huge wave of arches on the sounder so we anchored up in around 50 ft of water. Berleyed heavy to stir up the action. Droped over a nice fillet of yellow tail on my bream outfit with 12 lb mono and within 5 minutes we were on. Huge hit and she ran like a steam train. No hope of landing that one. Got it close to the boat and it was a solid Yellowtail Kingfish, but that was all I saw until the line gave up the ghost :mad3: . So then out came the game rods :thumbup: . Managed to pull up a yakka for live bait. Sent it down and in not even 3 minutes she was off again :1yikes: . No chance this one was getting away. Up she came a beaut 77cm Kingfish :thumbup: . Another followed soon after going 75cm, Big Kev was into the Trevallys as they were everywhere. We boated 18 Trevally all going 33 to 42cm. Sent down a few more fillet baits and a double hook up Kev was onto a solid King and then the other rod was off too. We landed both Kingies this time on fillet baits these going 70cm :thumbup: . We kept throwing over cubes of mackrel and bread and the Kings were even on the surface following the burley. They were massive. It was non stop action from the moment we anchored up until we had to go. All in all 18 Trevally and 4 Yellow Tail Kingfish in just 4 hours. Wicked!!! Hopefully there are more days like this to come. Tight Lines!!!!!


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