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Jacobs Well Mini Report


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Just a quick one... hopped in the car and drove the 8 minutes to Jacobs Well to see if I could match Little Slinky and maybe pick up a flattie or 2. Only fished for 20 minutes and while I didn't get a lizard, I managed a nice little whiting and a 23cm bream on a 2" Gulp Shrimp (slowly using the stinky things up).

I wish the weather up here would improve so Jewhunter and I could get out to chase the Wahoo and Mackerel that should be around now. :1badmood:

Cheers, Slinky

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At least you're checking out your new backyard mate. :thumbup:

Little specy sessions are well worth the effort when you live as close to some great water as you do. :biggrin2:

We have plenty of time to improve on what we've been learning up here. :yahoo:



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Hey Slinky, go the berkley's , can't beat them can ya Slinky. Can you take a pic of this place for us,

I can't get this vision out of my head of you fishing down a bricked up well with a little wooden roof

and a crank up pale..



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