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South Coast

out n about

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hey all,

I'm new to the site, and reading over everyone's comments/replies sounds like u are all a good/helpful groups of guys.

I was wondering, if i could have some tips for fishing in Jervis Bay (South Coast). i will be heading down next Monday till Thursday and plan to hit the water on tues and wed.

Any help will be graeat thanks


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Guest bluecod
:1welcomeani: out n about - JB is not that familiar to me but post some more details - boat, landbased, estuary, LBG etc and someone should be able to give you some tips
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sorry mate, dont know much on JB, all i know is that they are getting thumping snapper on the 4" bass minnows. just jig em over drop offs

although if you go further south to sussex/st georges basin as suggested by big bob, send me a pm as i know the place very well :1fishing1:

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