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Nelsons Bay


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hey raiders.

heading up to Nelsons Bay for the long weekend, around the Shoal Bay area.

hoping to catch some good blackfish and try to get some squid and do some live baiting.

What i wanna ask is, if anyone has been around there or know anyone, or even just how the fishing is going up there, cause i want to bring the right tackle and what not, to go get some fish.



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hey mate,

i got the same idea,

last time i was up that way (about 3 weeks ago)the bloke at the tackle shop was telling me about some desent snapper comming in from around the islands just off shore if you have acsess to a boat, but i am also curious as to what else has been biting up that way and will be very intested in any responces you recieve,

good luck mate

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