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Brooklyn Sunday


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Hi guys, just a quick report. Went to brooklyn with my fishing mate Joe yesterday and did very well.

The day started poorly with nothing but catfish in the dirty water on the bottom of the tide but after a couple of spot changes we eventually located some fish with a few quality specimens amongst them. We ended up with 13 fish all up, 6 bream 6 flathead and a big flounder. The biggest bream was a real stonker around 2/12 lb and the largest flathead went a very credible 64cm, the flounder was easily the best I have ever caught the size of a dinner plate, and the best part was I won the freindly rivalry between joe and me catching all of the biggest fish and probably twice as many fish also! YEAH!

We threw back probably 15 - 20 fish that were under size including 1/2 dozen jew around 42 - 43cm.


This is the biggest bream and flatty.


Nice flounder


This was the entire catch tken at home on the front lawn


big bream.

All in all a great day!


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sorry mate I didnt measure the bream but I have caught much bigger bream in the hawkesbury at different times. my biggest so far wieghed in at 4lb and approx 47cm!


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Considering all the lousy weather and pretty ordinary fishing conditions of late, Pete, that is an exceptional session mate. That is a terrific bream, and the flounder was a very tasty bonus as well. Keep the reports coming mate :thumbup:



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WoW! :1yikes: , What a hog Bream ....Was it an "oyster lease" area fish? Thats where I usually score my big ones....Cheers Mate... Tom the Yank

we actually fished a spot in the middle of the river! i normally get good ones around the leases as well.

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