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Tank Chair


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I noticed this post by Jewgaffer yesterday and thought there must be something better available, despite his potential "modifications".


I'm getting this red sports model tri wheeler today and I only need to wear a crash hat, mount a basket, carry bags, six rod holders, sand anchor, live bait tank, 12v motor bike battery, esky and attach my fold up chair which has a pull out side table that doubles as a bait board.....




As an alternative, how about this with a few "extras" added - rod holders, esky, tackle box? Any other ideas or suggestions?

It looks like it could help anyone fight that big jewie.




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Hey Peter

Absolutely love your posts they are brilliant.

I look for them all the time! And yes you do have Wayeeeee to much time on your hands

One thought though, where's the rocket launcher on top of your rig.????????????

Could you add and re-post. Suggestion only.


Trapper T

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:Funny-Post: you may all laugh but after talking to byron about a basket and now seeing the pic i'm shore we will end up with a few rod holders as well

he was'nt to keen on a rocket launcher or a bimini but i think i can fit in a set off slimy tubes :biggrin2:

byron looks like a breeze mate send me some measurements and i'll knock up a basket with 2 rodholders on the frount

cherrs gary

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That's a classic Peter :1yikes: .......Fishing off one of those on Wallys wharf from daybreak till sundown on a Sunday might get a few looks from the boaties but still wouldn't even get a comment from the jetty mutes on the wharf ay Peter :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

That will be great thanks Gary :thumbup: I expect to be in Harris Park on Thursday from midday for a while and should be able to call in between 2 and 3 pm so that we can look at what carriers can be made up as detachables using clamps with levers etc and take some measurements off the walker itself... It's a very good walker and heavy duty enough for wheeling rods and gear down to beaches or boat ramps etc and would save making a couple of trips to the car...

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