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top spot good fishing lake rocks or beach

north of blackhead [10mins walk] spot called the blue hole fish for drummer using bread

plenty of pipies and beach worms all along beach to catch big whiting and bream

pump nippers on the flats near the road bridge at low tide nice flathead whiting and mullet there as the tde comes back in

get some crabs use your heaviest gear and try and land some of the biggest groper i have ever seen all along the edge from the beach where they launch the boats to the point at blackhead

hope this helps

peter :1fishing1:

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I used to frequent gerroa up until i was about 14 and this is what we used to do in those days.

lay mullet traps down around the sand flats under the bridge (you will find many posts on how to make good mullet traps).

Then with a bucket of fresh mullet we'd trudge down crooked river rd until you see a small bridge in the bottom left of the picture, cross that and work our way along a little dirt track until you reach the waters edge of the big river.

at the time we didnt really know about live baiting but im sure that would work awesome there. we just used the mullet on gang hooks to pull in some of the biggest flattys i have ever seen. must note tho that i was only young so my memory could be a little hazy.

i believe people also used to fish off the large bridge for jews however i never saw any get landed there.

also in the 'MULLET' area we would frequently catch blue swimmer crabs if using a rod.

Im not sure if gerroa has changed much in the past 7 years but it used to be a beautifl spot. if the river is blocket from reaching the sea though then none of the above wil work.

Cheers mate, happy fishing.

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Blackhead's also a great spot to spin for some salmon and the weed beds can also produce some big squid.

I've put a few out live but never come up with a king but i am assured by the guys in the kiama tackle store that blackhead does produce some big kings. I've always ended up taking home my squid and feeding myself instead after it's swum round for a while and nothing else wanted to eat it!

Have seen a few big groper caught on live crabs but the guys that usually do it often loose a heap of rigs so take plenty of hardware with you.


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Cheers for the reply guys, We will mainly be concentrating on Black Head throwing the usual arsenal at Salmon kings and Bonito. Think I will also spend some time on Pigs and Groper.

Cheers for the Nipper ground luderick59, Will deff hit them up if the rocks are slow.

Will report back Sunday...

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