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New Reel For My 12' Rod


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Just after advices on a new reel for my 12' Daiwa Heartland Surf rod(HLA 1202MRS).

Never bought a reel before apart from the one that came with cheap 8' combo and have been using this with above mentioned rod.

When hooked a few salmons and travellies, thought I'd need a better reel...

According to Daiwa website, its line rating is 12-20lb and max cast weight is 3 oz.

Gonna be using 20lb mono, targeting snapper, tailor, trevally, salmon and maybe king... and mainly fish off rocks with dead baits.

The rod is a bit thinner/lighter than other heavy duty 12' surf rods. Someone on the internet said it's good for lure casting but I have no clue..

What do you guys recommend ?

My budget is $130-200 and been looking at following ones:

- Daiwa BG60 ($160)

- Daiwa Emcast Sport 4500 ($150)

- Penn Spinfisher650/750 ssm ($140)

- Penn Slammer 560/750 ($190-200)

Thanks for your inputs.

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the emcast is the only one which u will get some distance i have the same rod and have a sustain on it with 30lb braid and i use it off the rocks and its a great rod but just remember u are using graphite off the rocks be gentle and try not to just drop it on the rocks

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well ill be the first to say it i do alot of work off the rocks most of it being for big angryb creatures such as pigs and groper that u need to stop very very quickly BUT my suggestion .... if your fishing off the rocks go an alvey a good 6.5inch alvey will take all the beating u give it on the rocks and all the sand and saltwater from the beach... but definately a consideration for the rocks...

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I have a 6500SS J (spinfisher jigging reel) which I find perfect for what you are after. Go for the 750/850 as first option or an Alvey. I might get laughed at but I have a Shakespeare tidewater spinning reel running 30lb mono which has been indestructible and caught some good fish, not in the same ball park as the spinfisher but I saw last years model for under $70 recently.

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Sounds like the Spinfisher is getting most votes...

Between 650 and 750, which one would suit my rod better ?

I visited a tackle shop tonight and saw 850/750 and thought 850 is definitely too big...

Framedtrash> Where is the swap & sell section ?

The link provided is broken..

moses> You've got the same rod ?! Still interested in Emcast as well.

Which size do you have, 4500 or 6000 ?

Alvey reels, they look big and tough...

May be I will get that one for my next bigger rod.

Anything else I should consider ?

P.S: I thought Daiwa BG60 would be more popular.

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Sounds like the Spinfisher is getting most votes...

.....Between 650 and 750, which one would suit my rod better ?

Penn 750 would be best all round and for the line class and you would get more line on it particularly the straight mono you will be using.....


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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the new alveys do look a lil big and tough but theyh arent that heavy and the benefits are deifnately something to look at in the future tho go into any tackle storwe or possibly speak to one of the many site sponsors and they will be able to hook u up with a good rock combo with an albvey and for what they are the are incredibly simple to use and not very much can go wrong..

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Ended up ordering a Penn Spinfisher 650ssm.

750 felt a bit big/heavy for my rod and figured I won't be needing more than 200m of lines as I only do landbased.

Plus I can probably go with thinner diameters or even braid..

bass_beginner> Yeah did a bit of research on Alveys and they looked very simple yet strong.

Actually, have seen one in action, pulling in a 70-75cm bonito(or tuna) just a month ago.

I might try it for my next rod.

Anyways, can't wait to try it on a trip next week.

Thanks guys.

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