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Long Weekend


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After a couple of early soccer games for the little Poddy's, heading down to Lake Conjola hopefully target a few lizards with the lads on Sp's or Breambo's on the flats.....haven't fished it alot out side of peak holiday season so we'll have to see what turns up?

Might even throw a placcy or two at the new Fish attatracting struture DPI put down about 9 months ago....

Fingers crossed....

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Hey all,

I'm heading to Elizabeth beach near Forster to try my luck in Wallis lake in a tinny. Will also do a bit of rock fishing near Boomerang Beach and Booti Booti. Looking for Brim, flatty's, squid, and whatever I can spin from the rocks.

Remember everyone, DOUBLE DEMERIT POINTS till midnight Monday.

Hope everyone has a great looooooooooooooooooooong weekend.

Tight lines.......

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Looking for some Snapper and Jewies in and outside the Seaway over the weekend. The weather may even be ok to get out a bit wider and see if I can get my first pearl perch.

Cheers, Slinky

I'm going with you!! :yahoo:

Cya tommorow mate. :biggrin2:

Conditions look great. 1.2mtr swell with 3 knots of w/nw winds!!



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I will be at Wisemans Ferry and finally getting the punt in the water, which is good because I've only fished land-based up there. I will try around the tide changes for bream and maybe (hopefully) a jew.


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Hey Fishraiders

I'll be heading to Kiama.

Looks like seas will be down.

The Target will be SNAPPER.

Mind you at this spot their not real big, just damn good plate size eating fish.

Yum Yum Pigs Bum.

Have a good long weekend


Trapper T

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Out early tomorrow with Hutcho, gonna fish the reefs between Box Head and Copa,

looking for snapper, surface stuff, maybe some bream, flatties, anything at all, just

hope the weather stays nice all sites are saying okay to fish and that's a good thing.


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