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Botany Bay 4.6.09

Aqua Naut

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Headed out to Mol/point 10am weather was overcast and rainy. Burleyed heavy for a good hour and nothing was taking baits. Plenty of small trevally and sweap everywhere, so we decided to head for the drums. Anchored and burled hard once again. Managed to hook a small Rat Fingfish which went 50cm. Would of loved to tag the little guy after sending him back to the drink :thumbup: Got to get me self some tags. Be very interesting where he could end up in just a few months. Anyway that was all the excitement untill the leather jackets showed up. They were in plague porportions and eating everything in site hook line and sinker. :ranting2: We then decided to head back in. :beersmile: I'm thinking we have now seen the end of the Kingfish run as the water temp is reducing rapidly. It's now at 17.6oC a drop of 2 degrees in just a week. Tight Lines!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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