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Botany Bay 6/6/09 A Few P.b's


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post-9995-1244280715_thumb.jpgpost-9995-1244280786_thumb.jpgToday, me and my dad went out to botany bay once again.

It was an average trip with a few extra highlights.

First, we went straight to the live-bait grounds on got 15 yellowtail in around 20-30 mins. Not bad.

next, we went to both of the heads. We caught a few reef fish and we found a spot in wich we got many large bites and soon i had a fish on. I thought it was a small bream or maybe a rock cod, for it was fighting moderately hard. I reeled it in and it turned out to be a 33cm Trevally. I thought WOW! i didn't expect anything like that.

The last highlight was at the same spot. It felt like a larger fish than before, and it turned out to be another personel best. It was a Morwong which measured 45cm!

It was pretty wide and extremely heavy. I was extremely pleased with todays trip.

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and they are very tasty, you can get them any were along the cliffs close in at the bottom.

they are always there low or high tide, and if all else fails you can get your self a feed with these critters.

there was lots of rat kings out there, lots of fun but non keepers, great day all in all, 4.30 start 4pm home

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