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Friday Report On Sydney Harbour


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Sorry the reports a little late but here it is anyway.

Went out on the Kayak Friday morning from Clontarf, weather was overcast.

Was trolling with two lines, one a soft plastic trailing close to the yak and the other was a new Trollcraft 11 cm surface runner i'd bought the day before.

Heading towards the heads when had a double hookup. In a kayak this can be tricky but landed two good size tailors.

Continued on again towards the heads landed a Bonito who put up a good fight. For the next two hours I landed about 5 more Bonito and 1 58cm Salmon.

One of the Bonito I caught had about three baitfish in it's systen and the matched the lure pretty closely.

Caught all fish bar one Tailor on the surface runner. Kept one tailor, three Bon's and tossed the others back.

Great day out on the YAK :biggrin2: and went and bought two more lures from the specials bin. they were only $5.



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G'Day erroll

i have a Hobie Quest that I bought at the last Sydney boat show. It's was a great buy and if you

pay cash etc you get a good deal.

I found that I got more for my money with a Quest. It's very stable but this has not taken too much

speed off it. I paddle mostly around Middle Head/Nth Head only occasionally get water over the bow.

Very happy with it.

A mate that I go with a lot has a Ocean Kayak - Prowler Elite 4.5. They are a faster unit, very stable lots of features, never gets water over the bow but they cost a fair bit more. They are at the longer end of the scale

so for enclosed waters they are a bit hard to turn.

All yaks are pretty similar but some have more little features than other. Also the finish on the Quest was

better than some.

having said that that the Viking Profish is a nice looking unit I must say.

Have good look around and ask the shops can you have a test paddle.

I bought mine at Sailing Scene at Mona Vale and most Saturdays they have test paddles on Pittwater. Just have to ring and book.

BTW, make sure you get one with a rudder. It will cost more but they make life so much easier.

Any further questions drop me a PM.



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