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Drummer On Bread..... Advice Needed


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hey mate, we went out on suday for a drummer bash..

first time ever, so im no expert,

we started with peeled prawns, and got smaller ones,

once they ran out,

we turned to th 6 loaves of bread we had,,

and th pigs got bigger...

hope that kinda helps,



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Hi BeachAngler,

Drummer LOVE bread................and you won't catch as many of the "pest" species' either!! Most of the ooglies you'll catch on prawn or cunji dont seem to go for the bread as readily - imho.

Make a nice sloppy burley, spread plenty around and squeeze tear drop shaped bread tightly onto your hook (point exposed). I use small running sinkers and number 2 hooks and let the bait wash around, with the drag screwed down tight.

Have fun,


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hi beach angler

i cut crusts off and cut slices into 1inch squares use crust for berley

i pinch the square tightly around the eye and half way down the shank of the hook and leave the rest fluffy around the barb use just enough lead to slowly let it sink and wash around within the berley trail

the fluffed out bread also slows the sink rate and easy hook up

peter :1fishing1:

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